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Terms and Conditions for the hiring of a Young’s Caravan Hire van.

1: All hires are a minimum of 12 weeks from date of delivery.

2: At the end of the hire you MUST give us two weeks notice.

3: All hires have a $600 bond.

4: No smoking allowed in van or annex.

5: No pets allowed in van or annex.

6: A van is NOT held until Young’s Caravan Hire has a deposit paid and a contract signed.

7: No vans are to go into a caravan park.

8: No caravan is to be moved from the site of the hire. If the van needs to be moved, Young’s caravan Hire will move it, a towing charge will be incurred.

9: All hires must be within 80 km from Young’s Caravan Hire base.

10: Caravans are delivered to your site. The site must be flat, level and have good, clear access both in and out.

11: After you hire a caravan if for any reason you change your mind before delivery of the van it will cost you a minimum of $100 cancelation fee.

12: If we deliver the van to your site and it does not fit on your block it will cost you a minimum of $100 cancelation fee and both ways towing.

13: We do take Eftpos and Credit Cards however all Credit Card transaction have a 1% surcharge...

14: The Bond is returned at the end of the hire to the person whose name is on the hire agreement. Bond returns can take up to 3 weeks to process. The fastest way to receive your bond return is to email us at caravans@ych.com.au with the details of the bank account into which you would like your return deposited.


If you have any questions, please email us at :-